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Caskshare as a Gift! Our 7 Step Guide for a One-of-a-Kind Whisky Gift

Caskshare as a Gift! Our 7 Step Guide for a One-of-a-Kind Whisky Gift

If you’ve been out and about recently you’ll have certainly have had a sense that the holiday season is fast approaching. It’s not just the colder weather — decoration lights are on, display windows are dusted with snow and people are that little bit more panicky as the days tick down and the tinsel goes up. Christmas is coming and apart from the sensible ones who sort everything out six months in advance, most of us still have plenty of shopping to do.

To make things that little bit easier, we’ve put together a simple step-by-step guide to using Caskshare as the perfect whisky gift this Christmas. If you know someone who loves the water-of-life and would really appreciate a truly unique whisky present, Caskshare has you covered. As our casks are still currently maturing in their respective distillery warehouses, we have created a personalized gift certificate that you can design and give to the whisky-fan in your life. Then, once the cask has matured and the whisky is bottled, they’ll have a truly unique whisky to keep and enjoy!

Follow these 7 simple steps and give the gift of single cask whisky this Christmas.

Step 1: Choose your distillery

Select a producer and start exploring their whiskies. Right now, we have casks from Ardnamurchan and Raasay Distillery. We hope to add plenty more in the coming months so keep your eye on our channels for updates!

Step 2: Read our terms and conditions

We believe everyone should be able to enjoy single cask whisky and with this mind, we aim to keep Caskshare as simple and straightforward as possible. To ensure you are fully in-the-know, check out our thorough Terms and Conditions section, where you’ll find in-depth answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Whilst there’s plenty of info there, if there’s something you’re still not sure about, drop a line to — we’re always happy to help!

Step 3: Choose your cask

This is the fun part! Caskshare gives you the freedom to explore different whisky styles and flavour profiles. There’s large casks and small casks, peated and unpeated spirit. Choose from a wealth of different wood types, including a recently added Manzanilla Sherry Oak cask from Raasay Distillery. Some will be bottled in just a few years, others will mature for much longer. Once you’ve chosen the perfect cask, click reserve to start the checkout process.

Step 4: Login or create an account

Before you can make a purchase, you’ll need to create an account with us. It’s super easy and you can sign up with any email address or a Facebook account. If you’re already a member, you can access your account by signing in with the details you previously registered with.

Step 5: Select your bottle quantity and pay

Now you have an account, you’re good to go! Use the slider to select the preferred number of bottles you want to reserve from your chosen cask. You can make multiple reservations from the same cask, or reserve bottles from multiple casks. Caskshare is all about choice and the choice is yours! Choose your delivery country and then hit reserve to be taken to our secure payment provider and fill in the serious stuff.

Manage your shares

Congratulations! You or someone special now has their own slice of an exclusive whisky cask! To view your Caskshares and create a gift certificate, head to the Caskshare section’ of your account. You’ll find it here in the drop-down menus shown below. Once clicked, you should end up with a list of your shares and an option to download your certificate.

Almost there…

Step 7: Add in your details and download

Add your recipient’s name and the gift-givers name in the fields as shown. If you just want a certificate for yourself, leave the sender blank and put your own name in the recipient field. When ready, hit create and your download will begin shortly.

Give your gift!

There you go! Print your certificate, send it in an email, hide it under the tree, frame or hang on the wall…it’s entirely up to you. In the meantime, yours or your recipients’ whisky will be well on its way to maturation and bottling. The years will go fast enough and you’ll soon be able to enjoy a truly unique dram of single cask whisky.

Grab your shares now!

A unique whisky gift this Christmas

Not sold yet? check out these 6 amazing benefits of Caskshare and see why many whisky fans have already joined the single cask revolution. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a dram you can drink this Christmas, check out our range of whisky subscriptions and gifts.

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